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Hope you had a wonderful experience with us. Thank you for visiting Master Mechanics!

We are always on a continuous endeavour to make sure that you have a wonderful experience with us. This also proves the fact that we take utmost care in safeguarding your privacy. When it comes to customer privacy we have set strict norms and policies that too a large extent shields the personal information customer has shared with us, after all the trust you have shown while sharing your personal information is of great importance to us.

The policies have been made in order to help you understand how we at Master Mechanics safeguard and utilize any information that you share with us while making a purchase or using the site. The website's privacy and cookies policy i.e. the Privacy Policy is envisioned to have an idea as to how the personal information is accumulated from the customer either from our website https://mastermechanics.co.in/ or then from one of our outlets will be preserved, used and managed by us to connect with you and offer you with our best possible services along with being in lieu with the applied data protection laws. Rest assure as it is our utmost responsibility to make sure that your personal information shall only be used in agreement with this privacy statement.

Nonetheless, this privacy policy is not applicable if you access links offered on our website that direct you to third party websites. So if you wish to proceed further please do read their respective privacy policy. If the third party intends to or uses any personal information you have fed on their website, we are not be held liable for this act.


You will be notified if in case we make any alterations to this Privacy Policy by posting the altered terms on the website.

  1. Gathering Personal Information

An amazing experience that is what we work to give you at Master Mechanics. An experience that is secured, flawless and personalized. The personal data that you share with us is accumulated and preserved from time to time. Based on that data we are able to come up with offers, services, products and features that would entice you and also gives you a tailored website experience that is way too convenient. The personal data collected by us is such that helps us to understand your requirements when you surf the website and also your interests.

Data we collect about our customers includes, but is not restricted to:

  •          When you sign up to our newsletter.
  •          When you enter contests and lucky draws;
  •          When you register with the Website, by phone or by email, or provide personal information which you complete, or which we complete at                 your request in-store via a store card;
  •          When you make a purchase or place an order on our Website;
  •          If you request us to have personalized online data such as targeted advertising;
  •          If you contact or correspond with us (for example, by phone, email or otherwise) to find out more about a product or our after sale care and                support services, to report a problem with the Website or a product or for any other reason.

Once we have your approval, we manage the mentioned personal data which you feed on the website and avail the offers. Generally, the personal information required is the customer.s first title, name, surname, gender, birthdate, anniversary, contact details like email, phone number, address inclusive of the shipping address, billing address and any other essential information.

As and when we receive your personal data online, we verify it with the personal information you may have given us while making a purchase from our outlets. The verification is to make sure that the data given is authentic and updated.

Our professional relations with our third parties like the courier agencies we work with for deliveries, business partners, vendors helping us in online technicalities of the website, our publicity as well as an advertising agency, analytics providers, our researchers are well maintained keeping intact our work ethics as well. The customer’s data that we receive from our third parties, we make sure to verify that it is in lieu with the data protection laws and ensure transparency by seeking customer’s permission for sharing their personal data. The data collected ads on to our records and continuously updated.

In case you do not wish to reveal any information about yourself and browse the website, you very well can. Based upon your search we analyze your preferences and may automatically track certain details about you. The details collected help us in doing a survey as well as research on our customer’s demographics, likes and dislikes to help comprehend, serve and safeguard their personal details. All the data is accumulated and evaluated on a regular basis. The data would contain your URL, the next URL you go to, your IP address and your computer browser data.

  1. Usage of Personal Information

We are liable to utilize and share customer’s non-personal data that we get from you without any constraints. This personal information received from the customers is utilized for the following purposes

  1. to carry out obligations arising from any contracts entered between you and us and to provide you with information, products and services 2.that you request from us, i.e. to process and complete your orders and to process your payments;
    3. To bring to your notice about the items you have added in your basket and haven’t bought as yet
    4. To customize our website content according to your demands and likes 
    5. To avoid, identify, inspect acts like fraudulent transaction, security problems, law violation or unethical usage of the website and its content.
  2. Also, more importantly enforcing our Terms & Conditions 
  3. To look into complaints, apprehensions, posts, suggestions or any queries raised by customers 
    8.For effective internal functioning as well as tasks like data analysis, surveys and research, problem-solving etc 
    9. To help you familiarize with our other items, products and services that comply with your demands and likes 
    10. To reach you through the proper mode of communication like advertising through mailers, newsletters, messaged etc 
    11. To offer you products and services that may suit your likes and interests 
    12. To implement automated decision making and profiling in order to figure out what kind of content, information or advertising you will be convenient with. 

At a certain point, we may have to manage customer’s data even without their consent. This will be done for the reasons like to make sure it complies with the laws and regulations, analyze their website usage, to make sure smooth functioning of the website or then in publishing or safeguarding the legal claims for the benefit of the company.

It is our continuous endeavour to serve our customers in the best way possible. To achieve this goal we accumulate and study demographic data, profile and the user’s activity on our site. To manage our website and deal with our server problems it becomes essential for us to identify and utilize your IP address. The IP address of a customer is also essential to identify the customer as well as know their demographic details. At certain instances, we may also request the customer to fill in some online surveys. The survey might have questions asking the customers to fill in their contact details, shopping preferences, favourite brands, demographic information like pin code etc. It’s upon your perusal whether to fill the survey or not. The customer’s answers in the survey are recorded as data with us to help us understand how they liked our website, knowing their preferences, likes and offering them with items and products according to their choices.

The mailers we send you is purely meant to keep you updated on what’s new on our site. If in case you do not want to receive the same you can opt not to have them by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our mailer or then by writing to us at mastermechanicsp9@gmail.com

  1. Cookies

A minor part of information sent by a website stored in a customer’s web browser while surfing that particular site is called a Cookie. Next time the customer surfs the website, the information stored in the cookie can be extracted by the website to allow us to know what the customer surfed the last time. Cookies help master mechanics to communicate with you on an individual basis. The data recollected from your cookies help us to identify your preferences, likes and dislikes and then accordingly design customized offers and services for you to enhance your shopping experience at master mechanics. With the help of these cookies browsing through the master mechanics website becomes easier and faster.

One can modify their browser setting to avoid cookies popping up if needed. But avoiding these cookies could be less beneficial for you as you won’t be able to access the user-friendly features present on our website. For any other information about controlling or removing cookies please visit www.allaboutcookies.com

  1. Sharing of personal information

No information or personal details of the customer is sold, traded or transferred to outside parties by master mechanics. The outside parties do not take into account our business partners and third parties who help us in the operations, technical, servicing and delivery areas. These third parties according to our agreement are strictly prohibited from sharing any kind of personal information of the customers with outsiders.

According to the Privacy Policy, we are eligible to share customer’s information with the following type of third parties:

  • service providers (for e.g. IT and technical services), business associates, dealers and sub-contractors for the performance of any contract we enter into with you (such as, but not limited to, Website operations, payment services, shipments, delivery couriers, fraud investigations, bill collection, and affiliate and rewards programs);
  • Analytics and search engine professionals that help improve and optimize our Website;
  • Legal agencies like law enforcement or regulatory agencies, or authorized third parties, if in case there is a verified request relating to a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity via our website that may expose us and/or the user or any third party to legal risks or question our accountability;
  • Or then Companies or organizations, in future if we plan to merge with or be taken over by that business entity. Should such an event occur, we will have to ensure that the merged company or the one acquiring us follow this Privacy Policy with respect to your data.

These third parties who may receive your data will process that data for the purposes specified above and in accordance with applicable law. Why do we retain your data?

We will store your data for as long as strictly necessary for us to provide the relevant services to you, for as long as you wish to keep in touch with us or as long as is necessary to provide support-related reporting & analysis. Even if you request to erase your data, we may keep it in a form that doesn’t identify you. If reasonably necessary or required to meet legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms and conditions, we may also keep hold of some of your information as required, even after you have closed your account or it is no longer needed to provide the services to you.

master mechanics may also release data when it believes release is meeting the terms with the law, implementing our site policies, or protecting our or others’ rights, property, or security. Nevertheless, non-personally recognizable visitor details may be shared with other parties for marketing, advertising, or communication purposes

  1. Links to Other Sites

As a convenience to you, we provide links to third parties on our website. Once clicked on the link you won’t be connected with our site at all. We are not liable for any of these websites and the content present in them as we do not control them or have reviewed them. There is no endorsement or representation by us on these third party websites or any of their content or any consequences that one may attain by using these sites. Thus, Master mechanics is not accountable or answerable for the privacy practices or the content of those linked websites.

  1. Security

master mechanics have some strict security norms to keep a check on any kind of loss, exploitation or change of record or data under our control.

  1. Contact

In case of queries regarding this Privacy policy please feel free to write to us at mastermechanicsp9@gmail.com or at our  helpline 7030378378

If due to some reason you ask us to discontinue managing or completely remove your personal details, and if these details are required to enable you are being able to use this website or any other related service, in such situation you won’t have access to the website or the service like you had before. Under such circumstances you do not have the right to object to direct marketing which can be at any given time exercised without any hindrance.