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About TG Fire Fighter

Our fire extinguisher is handy and easy to use in an emergency condition. It finds application in various condidtions as well as residential areas.

This Fire extinguisher is portable can be moved from one place to another very easily. It is high durability, easy to use and low maintenance.

TG Fire Fighter , is a compact , safe and easy to use throwing-type extinguisher , domestically manufactured by the patented technology thereby resulting in great cost saving for consumers. It is small enough to be carried in the trunk or a car , suitcase or a briefcase.

TG Fire Fighter Extinguishers that are almost able to use at sub zero temperatures works as well under any kind of weather condidtions, unlike holon or gas based extinguisher that may not work properly at out doors where there is wind.

Our Features

TG Fire Fighter, it is an extinguisher with proven outstanding efficiency that anybody can use the regardless all of age or gender. This product established an approval (KF108-2) for (All-class fire/1unit/a set of 4 pcs.) by Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical Industry.

Works outstandingly well at any temperature ranging from -20 ~ 80c,


TG Fire fighter requires No Recharge and No Regular checkup, thereby saving time and money. Most of Extinguisher requires recharging and regular checking once every 6-12 months which cost time and money but TG Fire Fighter will set you free from all these Hassel Just Install it.

TG Fire fighter has an outstanding extinguisher power to suppress an early stage of A-class fire (Wood,paper) and B-class fire (oil) and all class of fire according to the fire regulations and it is usable at any temperature ranging from -20 ~ 80c,

Practical usage

TG Fire Fighter is made for any type of emergency situations whether be in home , office , public places , in public transport & our own vehicle at the early stage of a fire and its simple "Throwing" method can easily carried out by people of all ages anywhere .

Excellent Extinguishing power

TG Fire Fighter suppresses a fire with its chemical reaction within 1-10 sec & its after cooling effect prevents fire again, its extinguishing agents does not fog up and blocks escape route

This throwing- type extinguisher is a handy tool for all Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Hospital, Theatres, Multiplex, Exhibitions, Auditoriums etc

Approved By


underwriters Laboratories Inc.

FM Approvals

Factory Mutual Approvals.


Loss Prevention Council


Building Research Establishment Ltd.


Scientific Services Laboratory


Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization


Product Service Bureau Corp.


Nation Supervision & Test Center for Fire Electronic Product Quality


Shanghai Fire Research Institute for Fire Protection


Sichuan Fire Research Institute of MPS


Tianjin Fire Research Institute of MPS


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden


Fire Research Center




Chinese Fire Protection Safety Center


SIRIM QAS International SDN BHD

What Our Client’s Say

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Dipali Shinde

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